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Bethlehem Christian School
Serving Children in Grades K-12 Since 1997


Bethlehem Christian School is a non-denominational Christian school specifically designed to provide a highly-effective, personalized educational program for children of all ages, from grades K-12.  Our educational program is designed to prepare students for college, yet we have the  flexibility to meet the requirements of those students who will pursue the vocations as well. 
Bethlehem Christian School was founded in 1997 as a ministry of Bethlehem Christian Center, with the original intent of supporting the Christian churches of the North Country by providing a superior, Bible-based education for their children.  We have discovered in the years since that we also provide an excellent alternative education for other families who are disenfranchised with the current state of public school education.  Our program is also extremely effective for children who have certain learning disabilities or physical handicaps.
Proven Innovation in Education
In order to meet the needs of such a diverse student population, we utilize the program and curriculum of Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), which allows us to taylor an individualized study program for each student.  This is indeed an advanced, accelerated educational program, which allows each student to work on their own material, at their own pace, under the close supervision of trained teachers/supervisors. 
The results of this program are impressive.  Since we are a small school, students learn to interact with other students of all ages, not just their own age group.  They learn in a protected, safe environment, and quickly assume many of the positive character traits learned from their Bible training.  They learn to work at their own pace and become responsible, productive individuals. 
Most importantly, our students are being prepared for life.  By graduation, your child will have a stronger background in the primary subjects than most students graduating from high school.  They will be well-prepared for college or for the job market - in fact, to date every one of our graduates has been accepted without reservation to every college to which they have applied.  
"Putting a Private School Education
Within the Reach of Every Family"
One of our mandates at Bethlehem Christian School has been to make a private Christian school education affordable to practically every family.  To that end, our goal has been to maintain a tuition level that is 1/3 of the average tuition for private schools in the state of New Hampshire, and does not exceed approximately 5% of the median family income in the North Country.  We have been able to attain this goal since our inception in 1997.
For additional information, please visit the school website at http://BethlehemChristianSchool.ws


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