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Pressing On Toward Revival!


Bethlehem Christian Center, located in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire, is the Non-Denominational outreach of a church and Bible college in northern Virginia, planted in July, 1991, by Pastors Steven and Barbara Palmer.  In 1997, the Bethlehem Christian School was founded, and school and congregation quickly outgrew our first building.  In 1998, through God's handiwork, the church was able to purchase a property with an existing structure on Rt. 142, conveniently located in Bethlehem, just off the Littleton-Whitefield Road.  That building was subsequently renovated, and the church and school have shared that building ever since.

Doctrinally, we believe in the truth and inerrancy of the Bible, and apply it literally and liberally to our lives.  We look to the Lord Jesus as the Head of the Church, which to this day continues under the direction of the Holy Spirit, ever since He founded the New Testament Church and set it into motion on the day of Pentecost as described in the book of Acts, chapter 2. 

Perhaps our beliefs are most simply and accurately expressed by the chorus to the Newsboys' theme song for the movie, Do You Believe:

"We believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Holy Spirit, Who has given us new life.  We believe in the Crucifixion, we believe that He conquered death.  We believe in the Resurrection, and He's coming back again.  We Believe!"

At Bethlehem Christian Center, we do believe, and we strongly feel that the words "Christian," and "Christianity" should no longer be considered nouns, but action verbs!

Our main focus is the salvation of souls, and we welcome the fellowship of anyone who is dedicated to that endeavor.

We certainly welcome guests and visitors.  Our Sunday worship services start at 10 am.   Our congregation is committed to our mission of helping to usher in the next great revival to northern New England.

If you have any questions for us, or if we can be of any service to you, please contact us at your convenience:

Bethlehem Christian Center and Bethlehem Christian School

PO Box 303, 1858 Maple Street, Bethlehem, NH  03574

603-869-5401       bcs@cfaith.com